Friends Volunteer Opportunities

There are so many ways that our Friends help RMH.  Please review these volunteer opportunities and choose what’s right for you.

Cookie Patrol/Fruit/Vegetable Patrols

Schedule a time to come to any of our locations to bake a batch or two of delicious cookies or your favorite cake or pastries. Or, bring packaged snacks, nuts, fruit/pudding cups, and energy bars so the families can take these with them while going to and from the hospital and doctor’s visits. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always enjoyed, too.  When hunger strikes, your donation will be very much appreciated!

 Meals from the Heart

 Can you imagine spending your day at the hospital or going to/from doctor visits with your sick child? How tired you’d be at the end of the day! Our families REALLY appreciate when the Friends prepare a meal for them. This is a wonderful fellowship opportunity for companies, church groups, school groups, families, and other organizations.

Membership Drive

Our Membership Drive is an ongoing effort to recruit new Friends to support the Ronald McDonald House.  We also hold special events to create community awareness, prospective Friends members, and thank the current membership for their support.  Volunteers are needed in planning these activities.

Seasonal Decorating

Help us make the Houses cheerful for every season!  This is another perfect occasion to include family, friends and children.  If you are interested in helping or donating decorating materials, email Pam Hatch

Quilting Bee/Knitting Circle

Create quilts/blankets/hats/booties/sweaters for the children from birth to 21 years old.  What a nice gift and sweet memory for these dear children!

When Kawhi Leonard visited the children at the Medical Center House, he brought a plethora of things from the Wish List. Thanks, Kawhi!

Wish List Drive

Hold a Wish List Drive with your company, community, church, or other group.  Think about all the household goods you use to keep your home going, and then multiply that by 70!  That’s what it takes to stock our Houses in San Antonio.  Click Here for the list of “nice to have items” that the guests and staff can use to keep things running smoothly.   Wish List items, as well as in-kind donations of other goods, commodities, or services are greatly appreciated!

For additional information about the Friends Volunteer Opportunities, contact Cindy Timmins, Administrative Assistant at (210) 614-2554. or email